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Reconnect With Yourself Through Community With Others



Circles of Hope was born from a desire to provide restful, healing care to moms. Through my personal experiences as a foster parent, adoptive parent and parent of 2 children with disabilities, I have a deep understanding of the emotional and physical toll parenting our children with diverse needs can have on our well-being. As a therapist, I’ve witnessed the loneliness moms have endured and the weight of the trauma they have held.

Circles of Hope mother circles are a safe, compassionate place for you to connect with other moms on a similar journey. It’s a space for non-judgmental support, through meaningful dialogue in a small group setting. You will feel relaxed and grounded through calming meditations, breath work, beautiful music and poetry. My hope is you will leave circles feeling refreshed and renewed, with a deeper sense of self and a community of support and sisterhood with other moms.  

Circles of Hope was designed to care for moms who are parenting children (including adult children) with  mental health challenges, disabilities, neurodivergence, trauma or challenging behaviors. If your child has diverse needs, you are welcome here. Circles are in person in Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Two circles are offered:

1. The weekly 6 week circle is for moms who are joining their first circle or who have already completed a 6 week circle and want to meet more frequently. The weekly circle runs for 6 consecutive weeks. 


2. The ongoing monthly circle is for moms who have completed the weekly 6 week circle. The monthly circle meets in Holland once/month on the first Sunday of the month, 6-7:30pm and runs in 6 month blocks.

Sarah Feaster, LMSW

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720 E 8th St, Suite 3, Holland, MI 49423


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